How to Hit a Volleyball Harder

Volleyball Power Hitting - Instructor's Course

Level 1 - Training the Hips, Core & Arms

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About this course

This course will teach volleyball players how to safely hit the ball harder. It includes both physical elements (teaching & training the body) as well as mental elements (instilling an aggressive attack mindset, on the court, for developing hitters).

Course content

Instructor's Guide

Instructor's Guide


Power Hitting Mechanics


How to Learn Power Hitting Mechanics - FAST!

Throwing 101

Hitting into Net

Activate Lower Abdominal Muscles & Hit

Approach - Landing

Approach - Speed

Approach - Arm & Hip Action

Arm Speed Mechanics - 1, 2, 3's

Arm Mechanics Drills - Throwing A Ball

Arm Mechanics Drills - Hitting A Ball

How the Hips, Core & Arms Increase Hitting Power

The hips, core & arms are huge power sources to help generate greater arm & ball speed. Most volleyball players never learned how to use their entire body to generate more power and hit harder.

Many Coaches Can't Train the Hips, Core & Arms

Most volleyball players simply learn to use their arm & hitting shoulder to generate arms speed & power. Result is often weaker swings and shoulder & back issues.

It's What Powercore 360 Do

Powercore 360 expertise is in teaching & training the body to perform sports movements with explosive power while avoiding injuries. Our background is in coaching, strength & performance training, and spine rehabilitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

I thought hitting harder is about arm swing?

Yes, but athletes need to learn to use their bigger more powerful leg, hip, core, chest, shoulder and arm muscles to safely hit with greater power & arm speed.

Meet the expert

Billy Glisan, MS, CSCS

As the founder of Powercore 360, Billy has trained 1000's of athletes, from youth to professionals. PC360 clinics, equipment & programs train athletes to run faster, jump higher, hit, throw & kick with greater power. PC360 makes Athletes Better, Faster!

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