Strength, Power & Speed Conditioning Circuit for Sports

Baseball & Softball Power Circuit

A Strength, Power & Speed Conditioning Program for Rotational Athletes

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About this course

Baseball & softball athletes who want to throw and hit with greater velocity, need to train their body to turn faster. Many traditional conditioning programs actually use common strength exercises that, while they make certain muscles bigger & stronger,  don't actually improve body's ability to turn with increased torque & speed. Worse, because many rotation athletes can't turn very easily or very far, because they don't train rotational movements, they often experience back pain or injuries, due to the lack of rotational flexibility & strength in the rotational muscles.

This course provides a basic general rotational sports conditioning program designed to:

  • strengthen the muscles and rotational movements of the body
  • improve sports performance
  • reduce the risk of injuries commonly associated with hitting & overhead throwing

This course includes:

  • simple exercises that can be performed with resistance bands, med balls or other commonly found training tools
  • a downloadable digital program for your smart phone or computer
  • 3 different exercise routines
  • instructional videos for each exercise

Course content

Section 1

Baseball & Softball Strength, Power & Speed Circuit Program

Strength, Power & Speed Conditioining Circuit

Train your body to turn faster and avoid common injuries related to body torque.

Meet the expert

Billy Glisan, MS, CSCS

As the founder of Powercore 360, Billy has trained 1000's of athletes, from youth to professionals. PC360 clinics, equipment & programs train athletes to run faster, jump higher, hit, throw & kick with greater power. PC360 makes Athletes Better, Faster!

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